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Unik Creations (Private) Ltd has been supplying Colombo with a wide selection of greeting cards and quality stationery since February 1988. We specialize in office and computer stationery and strive to provide our customers with personalized service at all times. For over 30 years we have been dealing with stylish stationery, unique greeting cards, distinctive gifts as well as quality art and craft materials. We carry a full line of cards, both handmade and printed, for all occasions and showcase an impressive selection of writing pens of diverse brands. Check out our products page to learn more about our range of merchandise. We have four Unik Creations stores in Colombo, Sri Lanka in prime locations making it easy for our customers to find us at all times. Use our store locator for any directions and assistance on visiting us. With social media, we are even more connected with our customers than ever before so follow us today and stay connected to find out about our offers and promotions or any career opportunities with us.

What we offer

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We are different from other stationery suppliers. As well as our extensive range of quality and competitively priced office supplies, we also carry a full line of handmade and printed greeting cards to suit your every occasion. Need a gift to go with your birthday card? We also showcase a range of selective gift items from photo frames and mugs to signature writing pens like Mont Blanc, Cross and Parker. We also provide wrapping services for your gift items with a beautiful selection of wrapping paper for you to choose from. If day-to-day office supplies and gift items do not work for you, we also have a range of products to satisfy your tech savvy appetite. Our stores are filled with tiny surprises for your little ones that you come shopping with: from trendy school necessities to an impressive collection of arts and craft accessories. Use the navigation menu to browse through the full range of products and services available at Unik Creations (Private) Ltd.
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