Greeting cards

The age-old custom of wishing your loved ones or celebrating occasions by means of greetings cards is something that has evolved immensely over the years. We, at Unik Creations, understand this and have continued to showcase an impressive selection of greeting cards, both printed and handmade over the last 25 years.

Our exclusive selection of handmade cards are a one of a kind display and we are proud to state that these designs cannot be found in other shops around Colombo. We also display a large array of helpage cards and even have our own stall of helpage cards during the Christmas season.

We have birthday cards, anniversary cards, baby shower cards, sympathy cards, Christmas cards and many more. We even have miss you cards to let a a friend or loved one know you’re thinking of them. If you’re looking for funny cards, we have them too.

Browse through our collection to find the perfect card for your friends and family for every occasion and find the card that speaks to you.

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